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Supply Chains Go Digital - A Snapshot

Access to vast amounts of information and the ability to actually use that information lies at the heart of a digitally transformed supply chain.

Through business process automation and technologies that allow the use of embedded analytics, businesses can know with accuracy and speed the volumes and types of product that have been sold online, scanned out(from which store or hub), in transit, waiting delivery and delivered. This information can be available to all the relevant sales and operations staff, as well as managers throughout these organisations and to customers through live track and trace.

Most digital supply chains also rely on multiple carriers. A best of breed approach as no specific carrier can give an optimal mix of services for a given customer’s freight mix.

Business process automation and organisational flexibility together contributed to a 70% reduction in cost base according to a recent Capgemini Consulting analysis.

Source: Capgemini Consulting

Image source: Monsanto

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